What’s a Guacdog? Made in Chicago, inspired by our amazing guac recipe, the suprising MVP in the hot dog topping world!

Our story begins while on a 3 day ayuhuasca (pronounced iawasca) journey through the mountains of Peru…. just kiddin’….

As everybody knows, Guacamole is one of the most important food groups…just ask any surfer. Speaking of surfers, them boys really enjoy food trucks and that’s really where the story of Guac Dog begins.

While working on a sausage food truck in 2011 Rich Levy decided to experiment by pairing a Big Fork bacon sausage with some ripe avocados he had chilling in the cooler. And just like that the bacon guacamole dog was born.

Taking on different iterations over the years the “Guac Dog” as it would affectionately become known can be made in two variations… either with a Vienna Beef natural casing link or a Big Fork Bacon Cheddar Homewrecker. Either way, let’s be honest folks, its bacon, its sausage, its guacamole…. you are going to enjoy this experience. And.. you’re welcome.


Our guac is made from scratch turning every avocado, poblano, and piece of corn into a wonderful savory recipe.


Our menu items are like nothing you have seen or tasted before. We put a lot of thought and flare into our menu offerings.


Happy customers are our goal! The food has to look great, taste great, and make you feel great. That is the desired effect we are striving for.


4242 W Fullerton

Chicago, IL 60639